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              Barry's 3 Albums



1. "Singing for a Crowd"  (2007)

                      (live CD)


The song Singing for a Crowd” is a song Barry wrote describing what he goes through during a typical night of performing & it explains why he does what he does. You will find yourself singing along the first time you hear it ...... SOCIABLE!!!! 










           2. "Here We Go"  (2001)

                       (live CD)


A fun CD of pub favourites performed live. It is a recording of just Barry & his acoustic guitar. No studio magic & no over dubs. Just one take & what you get is how it sounded at the pub.





             3. "My Lady"   (1999)

               (Studio recording)


This CD features some of the best musicians  in Atlantic Canada & continues to get good radio play. Recorded in beautiful St. John's Newfoundland this CD is composed of 11 tracks, 9 of which were written by Barry. The song "Everybody" features Barry's family & friends singing backup vocals.



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Here We Go


1.   Sweet Caroline

2.   Two Pina Coladas

3.   The Gambler

4.   Country Roads

5.   The Boxer

6.   Irish Mix

7.   Me and Julio

8.   Piano Man

9.   Procedural

10. Hold On

11. Me and Bobby McGee




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